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Artists in Quarantine

"Artists in Quarantine," a series exploring how artists would navigate the pandemic if they lived in this time and age. 

Claude Monet's
Quarantine Reflections

Claude Monet's lovely home in France is a perfect place to stay during quarantine. Located in Giverny, it's no wonder Monet's paintings of lily ponds are so amazing. His window gives a direct view of the beautiful gardens and ponds. If Monet were alive during the COVID pandemic, he wouldn't need to go out for inspiration because it's right outside his door. Monet would find comfort and artistic inspiration in his home, capturing the beauty of nature with his paintbrush.

Brushstrokes & Balance:
Yoga with Frida Kahlo

After a devastating bus accident, Frida Kahlo was left encased in a full-body plaster cast. Frida took months to recover, during which she dedicated herself to healing and expressing her pain through painting. If Frida were alive during the COVID-19 pandemic, she would likely have embraced the necessity of staying at home to prioritize her physical healing. Although yoga may appear daunting for someone with a full-body injury, Frida's indomitable willpower would have driven her to overcome the challenges of life.

Diving Deep with David Hockey

Immersing the artist into his own painting; David Hockey’s icon “The Splash” painting depicts a splash in a California swimming pool. While a fun day at the pool could be loud and energizing, if Hockey would be alive during the COVID-19 pandemic his quarantine experience may have been a lot calmer. He’d spend his time in the pool relaxing and unwinding away from the hectic busy city. 

Exploring Vincent Van Gogh's
Artistic Letters

Vincent Van Gogh's letters span over a decade, he wrote approximately 900 letters, the majority of which were addressed to his brother Theo van Gogh. If Vincent was alive during COVID-19 pandemic he would have spent his time quarantined in his room writing letters to his friends and family. Turned to letter writing as a means of expressing his thoughts, emotions, and artistic ideas.

A Timeless Video Call with
Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí, known for his surrealist art, possessed an enigmatic nature that leaves us curious about how he would have chosen to spend his time during the COVID-19 lockdown. As a fascinating blend of being both people-oriented and introspective, Dalí's approach to isolation would likely involve maintaining connections with his loved ones while delving deep into his artistic realm. In this unprecedented period, he would undoubtedly seize the opportunity to engage in profound conversations with his friends and family, exchanging artistic perspectives and sharing his surreal ideas.

Tomato Soup with a Dash of
Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans painting has left an indelible mark on the world of pop art. Warhol's deep affection for soup served as a significant inspiration behind the creation of this masterpiece. As the world embraced culinary endeavors as a popular pastime during the lockdown, one can only imagine that Warhol, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, would have dedicated his quarantine period to refining the art of crafting the most exquisite homemade tomato soup imaginable.

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